Truckers, Real Super Hero Of Our Nation!

by Flora Anderson

Heroism is not limited with spiderman

Heroism is not limited with spiderman

Very warm welcome truckers. This post is all about truckers, their real heroism and passion, trucking! Trucking is spelled easily but when you drop in a trucker’s shoes, you will know what real trucking is, the consequences and the privilege you enjoy for being a trucker. Being seated all day, controlling the brakes and steering, gears and throttle is not easy as we speak. It does require a lot of will power, dedication and passion to face all the hurdles coming your way, behind the wheels. Yes, the task assigned are equally tiring but we, today, going salute every trucker, their love and dedication for trucking. This one is for all the truckers out there, “If you’re not around, the world is no less than a mess.”

However, as we decided to honor our respectable truckers, this is the best way. We will be discussing about traits, which make our truckers super hero.

Love What You Do:

Have you noticed or heard a trucker cribbing about their job, the stress level they work with or even the financial crisis they face any day? I don’t think so! Truckers are the most faithful people when it comes to trucking or their profession. If you’re new to trucking, then you should learn to love your job, not simply like it for time being, or tolerate it until you find something better to deal. If you’re not giving your 100%, sooner or later, trucking would demand you’re heart and soul more than you are willing to give. Don’t turn like one of “those guys” around the truck stop or the fuel station.

Safety, a Great Deal of Task:

Safety should be counted first in the list as, if you’re safe on a highway, your co-drivers would also be. You would be sharing the road with fathers and mothers,
and couples. So for their sake and their families, you need to slow down your speed, accelerate much more and run smoothly. The default move is: let other guy move first, wait for a while.

Maintain Your Professionalism:

Maintaining professionalism is a must, in your truck, at truck stops or even at fuel stations. That defines you, a trucker. You’re simply putting in efforts to get your job better each day.

Teaching is a Skill, Adapt with Patience:

Being in the industry since long, it is obvious that you expertise in driving heavy vehicles. Take some time out in teaching the new drivers, dealing with hurdles and respecting the profession they are in. Teaching is a skill, you earn it. So put on your teaching hat on, get going truckers.

Filing Taxes On Time:

Serving the nation is not the end, you’ve got added responsibilities. Reporting your taxes is the one. With the technology upgrading, online filing seems to be easy and simple. Filing your taxes and receive a token of payment let be for IFTA, Form 2290 or any other form in that case. Filing your tax returns on time shows how dedicated you’re to your nation, your profession.

You Are Unique:

You should be your own man/ woman. If you’re doing things right, then there is no reason to drag yourself with bottom feeders, which is too common in this business line. You have got nothing to prove others, you are a hero in your own place, own world.

The above mentioned traits have made or will make you a hero, for your son, for your wife and obviously for the nation. From accidents to happy times with family, compromises to compensations, trucking is all about fun, driving and fire to achieve something in life. Let be the smallest of all or the largest.

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