Trucking is changing for the worse

(South Bend, IN)

I don't understand this dac report, you have companies that would put anything on this report to keep a driver from getting another job. I consider myself a good driver but I have a company put something on my dac and now I having a hard time finding a job over this. So many companies want the driver to be loyal and respectful but they do the opposite by lying. Today this is why there is so many truck openings, this csa and dac is a bunch of trash we as drivers are in a no win situation. We need someone to stand up for us. I only been driving for 3.5yrs now and the disrespected I have to put up with is unbeliveable I never been treated like this before, I have people cursing at me, talking down to me like I'm stupid or talking to me like I'm a child. If I knew trucking was like this I would have never pick this career path even though I like driving. It's amazing how many companies today will hire a felon over a good driver

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