Trucking In 2010

Trucking In 2010

I have never looked so forward to saying goodbye and good riddance to one year and looking forward to the next as I did in January 1, 2010. Never in my 23 years of driving have I seen such a rapid downturn in the overall economy followed with the financial fallout that was so broad and affected so many people and industries. Whoever thought companies that were once viewed as as pillars of industry would suddenly be on the brink of shut down or require government assistance to survive?

Trucking in 2010, what the future holds for truck drivers looking to change truck jobs. Trucking is become a challenge in this tough jobs market.

We all hear everyday about layoffs in the private sector. At the end of 2009 over 4,000,000 people had lost there jobs. In January through October of 2009 we are continuing to loss jobs at the rate of over 500,000 a month.

In April we finally gained 290,000 jobs. The trucking industry gained 1,000 jobs in April. Unemployment is at 9.9%. There are over 15.6 million unemployed.

Truck driving jobs are a good way to make a decent income and provide for your family, you can find the right trucking company to work for among the thousands of companies available. But, what about during a poor economy? Recent news is now declaring what many of us have already known...a recession is here. Actually, it's been here since December of 2007. Thousands of loss jobs occur every week, with unemployment sitting at its highest level since 1992, currently setting at 9.27% - so what about trucking in 2010 ?

How much longer can we afford to have losses like this ? I heard the other day on the news that over 5,000,000 people were now drawing unemployment.

No longer in trucking in 2010 can a truck driver leave one job and go straight to another trucking company the next day. Trucking companies are tighten there belts.

You have thousands of trucking company jobs to choose from. You have heard bad stories about almost every Trucking Job. You are probably tired of finding things out the hard way. Most Trucking companies will not be 100% truthful .

But all is not lost.

The truth is, trucking will always be a necessity in our market and society. It will also feel the recession crunch, but truck driving jobs are still available and always will be.

Truck driving jobs will always be around, even as the rest of the economy falls. Will truck driver jobs stumble also? I'm sure it will, but as other sectors of the market place stumbles, trucking will have to continue. Everything we receive, eventually comes by truck. There is no way around it. The most truthful statement is that "without trucks, America stops."

The good trucking companies Jobs do not advertise!

When I started my cdl jobs I was 29 years old. The idea of living on the road and seeing the entire country and trucking coast to coast sounded awesome!

Now after 23 years of driving, trucking in 2010, things have changed a bit. My first job I was making a whopping .22 cents a mile. I now average about .50 a mile.

Trucking in 2010 jobs are still out there to be had. You just have to look harder an be a bit more. patience in finding them. The main thing is not to quit your current job until you have secured that new job. All companies are still hiring and always will be due to people quitting, retiring, going to new jobs and dying. You just need to be persistent in finding these jobs.

Put your application in and keep hounding these companies till they give you an answer. Who do thing they will hire someone who puts in an application once and they never hear from again. Or the one who calls them each week to check on the status of there application ? If I were the human resources manager I would remember the one who hounds me every week asking me about there application, and forgetting about the one time applicant.


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