Trucking Jobs Scam

Seems like there is a new trucking jobs scam going around. It starts with a classified ad similar to “work at home” scams. Promising truck driving jobs.

An ad is placed and drivers are promised a job working for $19 to $25 an hour according to the ads. Drivers show up at a location that seems to be a legit business when in reality its just a short term rental space. Application are taken. And the truck drivers are told they would hear back from the company in five or six weeks. Oh,and one more thing the truck drivers would need to submit $50 for a drug test and background check before they are consider for a trucking job.

Trucking Jobs Scam

They are told if they do not pay it, they would not be hired. Most truck drivers leave the office when they are asked for the $50 fee. They recognize it as a trucking jobs scam. But some unsuspecting truck drivers agree to pay the fee. In a few weeks when they call or go by the office to check on there application the scampers are long gone with the applicants $50 in hard earned money.

A legit company will not charge you for a drug test and background check. The hiring trucking company pays for this not the applicant. One sign that its a scam is empty desks and a lack of people and office furniture and phones at the temporary office.

No documents at the job interview site will bore the supposed motor carrier’s name. If a name is on the document tell the interviewer you will contact the company it verify that this is a legit company. Most likely they will tell you this is not allowed. This should be a major red flag that something is not right.

If someone wants to charge you a fee for a drug test and background check run don't walk away from this company as fast as possible. They are not representing a legitimate trucking company.

These scams have shown up in Florida, California and North Carolina.

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Know of any other trucking jobs scam

Do you know of any other trucking jobs scam. If you do please share them with your fellow truckers so no one else falls for these scams.

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