Trucking Videos

This page for trucking videos was added not to glorify these trucking accidents but to make us all stop for a minute and think about what we are doing. Our life’s can change in a split second, before we even know what happened.

I have been a truck driver for over 25 years and I have seen my share of bad accidents I don't want to see anymore.

Be careful out there and always remember someone is waiting for us to come home.

Have a great video you would like to share. Just use the link at the bottom of the page. All videos are welcome.

Check back later for I will be adding more videos i think are relevant to driving. And a few more that I just happen to like.

To see all my videos on Youtube please Click Here

How to unload a bulk tanker with plastic

Sunrise in Ohio a truckers view with music

Nightmares of Trucking

Story Of Amazing Grace

Trucking Videos

Man Hijacks Truck. Truck Driver Hangs On During Chase


DONNER’S PASS (Fatal roll over crash)

Semi Accidents

Tow Truck Driver Having A Bad Day

When I Get Where I'm Going

Cledus Maggard - CB Lingo

I've Been Everwhere Man Ain't that the truth

Trucker Chicks

My Tribute to military videos

More Videos I like

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