TruckLogics Services Offered as an Exclusive Feature to Trucker Tax Service

by Ariel Black
(Rock Hill, SC)

SPAN Enterprises –a leading provider of software-based technology solutions – in collaboration with Trucker Tax Service announced the release of TAP App, a trucking business management and compliance program.

TAP App, the Trucker Advantage Program service, was created in response to the growing need for an application based business management and tax compliance solution for the trucking industry. TAP App provides a cost-effective and simplified trucking business management and reporting program, combined with full-service tax preparation to meet the needs of truck drivers.

TAP App gives owner-operators the ability to track detailed bookkeeping records from any mobile or connected device, allowing for simplified year-end tax filing. TAP App combines the market-leading services offered by TruckLogics and Trucker Tax Service into a single innovative platform that allows truck drivers to quickly check their business activities, such as revenue and expenses, from their mobile device, with the ability to answer tax questions at any time.

This user friendly application will save users time and money while managing financial planning and preparing annual taxes for those in the trucking industry.

“We are extremely proud to provide the benefits of TruckLogics to Trucker Tax Service users. We know that by allowing truckers to access both
quality tax preparers and a full-service trucking business management app, that they will be better equipped to grow their businesses,” says TruckLogics product manager, Bryan Hinson.

TruckLogics is a subsidiary of US-based software provider SPAN Enterprises, known for products such as Express Truck Tax, ExpressIFTA, and Truck Services of North America.

About the SPAN Enterprises:
Founded in 2009, SPAN Enterprises leads the market in producing software solutions and mobile applications for truck taxes and trucking business management. The company’s mission is to create innovative software solutions for the small businesses and the trucking industry. SPAN Enterprises currently serves over 100,000 clients all across the nation. SPAN has been named on the Inc 5000, Charlotte Fast 50, and SmartCEO Future 50. For more information about SPAN Enterprises, visit its website at

About Trucker Tax Service:
Trucker Tax Service is a national company servicing the truck driving community with fast and secure financial tracking and tax services for drivers. Trucker Tax Service provides monthly bookkeeping, revenue and expense tracking, monthly profit and loss statements, and estimated driver's tax liability. For more information about Trucker Tax Service, visit its website at

For information, contact Ariel Black/ Public Relations Coordinator/ (864) 723- 2162/

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