Very hard worker

by Long
(Tulsa, OK)

This is what I wanted to add to my Dac report. The 2 entries on my DAC report are untrue and very misleading. I was never physically employed at either place and I never stepped 1 foot in their trucks. After being laid off from a 19 year job at a major airlines I pursued truck driving school. I was on a very deserved vacation and then laid off I had a lot of time not at work the amount for failure on the 1st drug test was barely reportable and I was on my 4th day of class when I was sent home. The test for the 2nd school not a month later was free and clear. I graduated 7 days early and passed by driving test on the 1st try in one of the toughest states Indianapolis my birth city. The lack of regulation in very clear here because I could not have been fired from either company I was never employed. The 1st company CR England should not have been reported as I did not have a CDL license, I was only in school. The 2nd company USA Trucking is very wrong it looks like I drove the truck with specifics on the vehicle and loads. I was told goodbye just hours after my interview. This report should not exist on me I now have a CLD license that is of no use to me because of this unregulated reports contents that is again very misleading and untrue.Thank you to this forum so that I can get this injustice of my chest.I cannot afford a lawyer so I must just wait out the years until this is off of this report.

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