Washington State to check for HOS violations with computer program

by Jim

Washington State Has New Tool to Check for HOS Violations

The Washington State Patrol announced it is using automated license plate readers to help id drivers who violate hours of service rules.

Trucks passing WSP's weigh stations will be electronically screened for their weight, size, registration and safety record, I presume through Pre Pass, but the system also allows officers to check how long the trucks have been on the road that day.

A new computer program used by the State Patrol will help verify that the driver's logbook is accurate and they're not driving over there allotted time. The Washington State Department of Transportation, has installed 12 Automated License Plate Readers at key weigh stations and Ports of Entry throughout the state that capture each truck's license plate as well as a picture of the truck. A new computer program allows WSP officers to check the time the truck crossed any of those 12 locations and then compare it to the truck driver's logbook. (For those not having pre pass)

Over the past year, the officers have investigated numerous truck crashes where driver fatigue was a factor. Out of the several involved crashes, eight of the drivers had falsified their logbooks so they could drive over 11 hours.

"The vast majority of the truck drivers on our roads are safe drivers and follow the rules," said WSP Captain Darren Grondel, Commercial Vehicle Division Commander, "But there are a few drivers out there who are irresponsible, and this new computer program will help us get these drivers off the road by verifying logbook entries."

In August, Commercial Vehicle Officers at the Nisqually Truck Scale on Interstate 5 cited 98 drivers for serious logbook violations over a 96-hour period using this new program. Not only were these drivers cited, but they are also placed out of service for up to 10 hours.

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