Why Truckers Must Keep An Eye on Their Tires In Hotter Climates

This is an article by Jack Payton, a lifelong auto enthusiast with two truckers in his family. He writes for TiresEasy, a leading supplier of automobile tires.

Summer can be a treacherous time for drivers. The increased heat can raise air pressure in the tires and cause the tires to fail on account of the treads
being too worn out or simply result in a blowout. For truckers it is especially important to make sure they are driving with top-quality tires and checking
the pressure at every stop. On July 3, just under a month ago, a semi on Interstate 80 was flipped over on it’s side after
suffering a tire blowout, luckily nobody was injured. Worn down-treads and underinflated tires. Here are some safety tips truckers can practice to help
prevent their chances of a blowout and help everybody stay safe on the road.

· Follow the recommended pressure in PSI for the tires.

· Buy a tire gauge or ask your company to provide you with one before you hit the road. Regular tires will naturally lose at least one PSI a month and most
truckers will drive that amount in a week or even a matter of days. Truckers should check their pressure at every convenient stop to make sure everything
is good.

· Some trucks are now equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems. Locate it on your dashboard and keep an eye on it. If it gives you a warning address
the tires as soon as possible.

· Stay up-to-date with the truck’s manual for specific recommendations for replacing the tires.

· Monitor the tread on all of the tires. Weak shocks can cause the tires to take a beating and cause the reads to rise. If this is a re-occurring problem
be sure to get the shocks and struts checked out.

· Do the penny test, the old-fashioned way of checking if the tire has less than 1/16 of an inch of tread. Place a penny in the tread with Lincoln upside
down and facing you. If you can see the top of his head you are ready for some new tires.

· Buckle up. As I’m sure the trucker in the article above will tell you, seat belts are your best hope in an accident.

These tips are not just beneficial for truckers but drivers in general. Keep an eye on your tires during those long summer road trips and help keep
everybody safe.

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