With Gods Help

by Dean
(Nashville, Tn)

I have been driving for 16 years. Been o/p for 7years. With gods help there will not be a 17th. I love driving a truck,but the government has made it just to stressful. I mean its just not worth it anymore. The government does not live in the world they have created. They don't know what it means to make a living with very little. They know thousands well lose there jobs over these new

laws,lose there homes. Cant feed there families. They just don't care. They just want control and they are to stupid to control it. They well destroy it. When they send our kids to war. They know thousands well die. They send them anyway. They know these laws well end drivers livelihood. Truckers need to stand together on this and fight back.be with god truckers he is truly our only hope!


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